University's Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives

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The term 'Mission' has been included in this edition. Universities and colleges are required to strive for the continual enhancement of their education and research quality. In pursuing this continual enhancement, it is crucial for them to articulate not only a mission but also a vision that reflects the university's ideal situation. Furthermore, it is a fundamental premise that clear and specific goals, objectives, and plans should be formulated based on the mission and vision in order to carry out concrete evaluations.

The relationships between mission, vision, goals, objectives, and plan are shown in the following diagram. It is important for universities to develop specific objectives and plans based firmly on their mission and vision, move purposefully towards the achievement of their objectives, identify their own strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment and third-party evaluation, and refine their objectives and plans so that they can pursue high quality education and research. This cyclic process will encourage continual enhancement of the quality of higher education.

Moreover, it is important to make these statements public, along with evidence of progress and the outcomes of education and research, in order to gain understanding from stakeholders and the public.