International Cooperative Curricula Scheme (Joint Degree System)

提供: NIAD-QE Glossary
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An academic program introduced in November 2014 enabling the issue of a single diploma under the joint names of two universities through cooperation between a Japanese university and a foreign university based on a mutual agreement.

Institutions that can develop and implement a joint degree program are faculties and academic units of graduate schools of universities, departments of junior colleges, and academic units of graduate schools of professional graduate schools (except for law schools and distance learning programs). Organizations can be established to manage a joint degree program. These are, in the case of a university, a department below a faculty (international cooperative department) and, in the case of a graduate school, a major below an academic unit of graduate school (international cooperative major). Approval of MEXT is needed to establish these organizations. One of the requirements for establishment is that the partner institution outside Japan must be legitimate within the foreign country's school education system.

Under Japanese law, the degrees issued based on this scheme are treated as an academic joint degree awarded by a Japanese university and the name of the partner university outside Japan can be included on the diploma.